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Annunciation. Detail the Angel of the Annunciation. Painting by Simone Martini -c 1284-1344-

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The Annunciation. Fresco in the former dormitory of the Dominican monastery San Marco, Florence. by Fra Angelico -c 1395-1455-
L'Annonciation-The Annunciation,1859 Canvas. by Pierre-Auguste Pichon
'Archangel Gabriel', 1410-1420, Spanish School, Tempera on panel, 34 ... by Maestro de Burgo de Osma -fl 1402-1452-
Annunciation. Center panel of a triptych, from an altar from the church in Chieri, near Torino. by Rogier van der Weyden -c 1399-1464-
Giotto / 'The Annunciation to Saint Anne', 1303-1310, Fresco, 200 x 185 cm. by Giotto di Bondone -1266-1337-
'The Annunciation', ca. 1500, Oil on panel, 100 x 75 cm. JUAN DE BORGONA . ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. by Juan de Borgona -c 1470-1536-
'The Annunciation', 1638, Oil on canvas, 267x 185 cm. FRANCISCO DE ZURBARAN. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. by Francisco de Zurbaran -c 1598-1664-
Maestro de Sopetran / 'The Annunciation', ca. 1470, Spanish School, Panel, 103 cm x 60 cm, P02575. by Maestro de Sopetran -fl c 1470-
Matthias Grunewald / 'Inssenheim Altar Annunciation', 1515. VIRGIN MARY. JESUS. CRISTO RESUCITADO. by Matthias Grunewald -c 1460-1528-
Annunciation. Copper, 48 x 41 cm Inv.614. by Cornelius van Poelenburgh -c 1590-1667-
Altar of The Last Judgement. Detail Saint Mary, supposed to be a portrait of Mme. by Rogier van der Weyden -c 1399-1464-
Annunciation to Saint Mary, 1609 Canvas, 224 x 200 cm Inv. 685. by Peter Paul Rubens -1577-1640-
The Archangel Gabriel Appearing to Zacharias. by Nicolaes de Giselaer
Anton Rafael Mengs / 'Infante Gabriel of Spain', 1765-1767, German School. GABRIEL VON SPANIEN. by Anton Raphael Mengs -1728-1779-
'The Virgin with Saints'. XVII century. Oil on canvas. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. by Pedro Atanasio Bocanegra -1638-1689-
'The Annunciation'. 1501 - 1535. Oil on panel. ARCHANGEL GABRIEL. VIRGIN MARY. by Leon Picardo
El Greco The Annunciation. Date/Period Between 1595 and 1600. by El Greco -1541-1614-
Juan Correa de Vivar / 'The Annunciation', 1559, Spanish School. by Juan Correa de Vivar -c 1510-1566-
Robert Campin / 'The Annunciation', 1418-1419, Flemish School, Oil on panel, 76 cm x 70 cm, P01915. by Robert Campin -c 1378-1444-


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Annunciation. Detail the Angel of the Annunciation. by Simone Martini -c 1284-1344-
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