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Dust Motes Dancing In The Sunbeams, 1900. Oil On Canvas 70 X 59 Cm -27.56 X 23.23 In-. Print by Vilhelm Hammershoi

Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams, 1900. Oil on canvas 70 x 59 cm -27.56 x 23.23 in-.

Vilhelm Hammershoi


Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn / 'young Girl At An Open Half-door', 1645. Print by Rembrandt -1606-1669-

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn / 'Young Girl at an Open Half-Door', 1645.

Rembrandt -1606-1669-


Circassian Cavalry Awaiting Their Commanding Officer At The Door Of A Byzantine Monument, Memory ... Print by Alberto Pasini

Circassian Cavalry Awaiting their Commanding Officer at the Door of a Byzantine Monument, Memory ...

Alberto Pasini


'plague In Rome', 1869, Oil On Canvas, 131 X 176.5 Cm. Print by Jules-Elie Delaunay -1828-1891-

'Plague in Rome', 1869, Oil on canvas, 131 x 176.5 cm.

Jules-Elie Delaunay -1828-1891-


The Hall Of The Artistic Society 'kunst Wordt Door Arbeid Verkregen' -art Is Acquired Through Lab... Print by Paulus Constantijn la Fargue -mentioned on object-

The Hall of the Artistic Society 'Kunst wordt door Arbeid verkregen' -Art is Acquired through Lab...

Paulus Constantijn la Fargue -mentioned on object-


Isack Van Ostade -haarlem, 1621-1649-. Traveller At A Cottage Door -1649-. Oil On Panel. 48.3 X 3... Print by Isaac van Ostade -1621-1649-

Isack van Ostade -Haarlem, 1621-1649-. Traveller at a Cottage Door -1649-. Oil on panel. 48.3 x 3...

Isaac van Ostade -1621-1649-


Design For An Awning Over A Door, In Moorish Style. Print by Jules-Edmond-Charles Lachaise Eugene-Pierre Gourdet

Design for an awning over a door, in Moorish style.

Jules-Edmond-Charles Lachaise Eugene-Pierre Gourdet


'rigoletto' Employs Sparafucile To Murder Duke From Verdi Opera Act Iii, Scene 4. Liebig Card. Print by Album

'Rigoletto' employs Sparafucile to murder Duke from Verdi opera Act III, Scene 4. Liebig card.



In Memoriam J. E. Bremer. Oil On Canvas -1817-. Print by Caspar David Friedrich -1774-1840-

In Memoriam J. E. Bremer. Oil on canvas -1817-.

Caspar David Friedrich -1774-1840-


The Slippers. Oil On Canvas. From 1642 Until 1678. 103 X 70 Cm. Print by Samuel van Hoogstraten -1627-1678-

The slippers. oil on canvas. From 1642 until 1678. 103 x 70 cm.

Samuel van Hoogstraten -1627-1678-


Portraits At The Stock Exchange. #10 Print by Edgar Degas

Portraits at the Stock Exchange. #10

Edgar Degas


Rouen Cathedral The Portal -sunlight-. Print by Claude Monet

Rouen Cathedral The Portal -Sunlight-.

Claude Monet


A Scene Of Life In Laren. Print by Jozef Israels

A Scene of Life in Laren.

Jozef Israels


The Old Cremona. #1 Print by John F Peto

The Old Cremona. #1

John F Peto


Country Kermis. #1 Print by Cornelis Dusart

Country Kermis. #1

Cornelis Dusart


Dutch Interior, Circa1660. Oil On Canvas. 47cm X 37cm. Print by Hendrick Van Der Burch

Dutch Interior, circa1660. Oil on canvas. 47cm x 37cm.

Hendrick Van Der Burch


Pedro Figari -1861-1938-. Uruguayan Painter And Politician. Quince Jelly. National Museum Of Fine... Print by Album

Pedro Figari -1861-1938-. Uruguayan painter and politician. Quince jelly. National Museum of Fine...



Love Scene. Print by Giulio Romano -Giulio Pippi-

Love Scene.

Giulio Romano -Giulio Pippi-


Vincent Van Gogh La Chambre De Van Gogh A Arles / Van Gogh's Bedroom In Arles. Date/period 1889. Print by Vincent Van Gogh

VINCENT VAN GOGH La chambre de Van Gogh a Arles / Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles. Date/Period 1889.

Vincent Van Gogh


Interior Of A Tavern, Oil On Tablet, 35.56 Cm X 30.48 Cm. Print by Jan Brueghel the Elder -1568-1625-

Interior of a Tavern, Oil on tablet, 35.56 cm x 30.48 cm.

Jan Brueghel the Elder -1568-1625-


View Of The Taking Village Of The Sea In The Margarita Island -venezuela- On July 22, 1817. Print by Album

View Of The Taking Village Of The Sea In The Margarita Island -venezuela- On July 22, 1817.



Lucas Van Valckenborch I -louvain, After 1535 -frankurt, 1597-. The Massacre Of The Innocents -15... Print by Lucas van Valckenborch -c 1535-1597-

Lucas van Valckenborch I -Louvain, after 1535 -Frankurt, 1597-. The Massacre of the Innocents -15...

Lucas van Valckenborch -c 1535-1597-


Mishima The First Gate Of The Shrine Of Mishima Daimyojin, No. 12 From The Series Collection Of ... Print by Utagawa Hiroshige

Mishima The First Gate of the Shrine of Mishima Daimyojin, no. 12 from the series Collection of ...

Utagawa Hiroshige


Exterior Of A Restaurant In Asnieres. Paris. Print by Vincent van Gogh -1853-1890-

Exterior of a Restaurant in Asnieres. Paris.

Vincent van Gogh -1853-1890-


Peasant Kermis. Country Kermis. Print by David Teniers -II-

Peasant Kermis. Country kermis.

David Teniers -II-


Man Handing A Letter To A Woman In The Entrance Hall Of A House. Het Aanreiken Van Een Brief In E... Print by Pieter De Hooch

Man Handing a Letter to a Woman in the Entrance Hall of a House. Het aanreiken van een brief in e...

Pieter De Hooch


Woman At The Virginal. Woman Playing The Virginal. Print by Jan Miense Molenaer Pieter Codde -rejected attribution- Dirck Hals -rejected attribution-

Woman at the Virginal. Woman playing the virginal.

Jan Miense Molenaer Pieter Codde -rejected attribution- Dirck Hals -rejected attribution-


Italian Landscape With A Draughtsman. Italian Landscape With Draftsman. Print by Jan Both

Italian Landscape with a Draughtsman. Italian Landscape with Draftsman.

Jan Both


Figures Before A Village Inn. A Company Of Country Folk. Print by Cornelis Saftleven

Figures before a Village Inn. A company of country folk.

Cornelis Saftleven


Jan Verkade -1868-1946- Painting Under A Tree At Hattem. Print by Richard Nicolaus Roland Holst -1868-1938-

Jan Verkade -1868-1946- Painting under a Tree at Hattem.

Richard Nicolaus Roland Holst -1868-1938-


A Nocturnal Banquet. 'evening Meal In The Woods, One Of A Series Of Twelve On The Insurrection Of... Print by Otto Van Veen

A Nocturnal Banquet. 'Evening Meal in the Woods, one of a series of twelve on the Insurrection of...

Otto Van Veen


The Garden And Coach House Of 524 Keizersgracht In Amsterdam. De Tuin En Het Koetshuis Van Keizer... Print by Hendrik Keun -mentioned on object-

The Garden and Coach House of 524 Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. De tuin en het koetshuis van Keizer...

Hendrik Keun -mentioned on object-


The Preaching Of Saint John The Baptist. The Preaching Of St John The Baptist. Print by Abraham Bloemaert -mentioned on object-

The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist. The Preaching of St John the Baptist.

Abraham Bloemaert -mentioned on object-


Lunchtime At The Building Site On The Van Diemenstraat In Amsterdam. Midday Break At The Building... Print by George Hendrik Breitner -1857-1923-

Lunchtime at the Building Site on the Van Diemenstraat in Amsterdam. Midday Break at the Building...

George Hendrik Breitner -1857-1923-


Girl At A Doorway. Print by Jacob Maris -1837-1899-

Girl at a doorway.

Jacob Maris -1837-1899-


Shepherd Playing The Flute, And Four Shepherdesses. Shepherd Playing The Flute, And Four Nymphs. ... Print by Gerard van Honthorst -mentioned on object-

Shepherd Playing the Flute, and four Shepherdesses. Shepherd Playing the Flute, and four Nymphs. ...

Gerard van Honthorst -mentioned on object-


Fete Galante In A Landscape. Galant Gezelschap In Een Landschap. Print by Jean Baptiste Francois Pater

Fete galante in a Landscape. Galant gezelschap in een landschap.

Jean Baptiste Francois Pater


Boat With A Pollard Willow. Print by Matthijs Maris -1839-1917-

Boat with a Pollard Willow.

Matthijs Maris -1839-1917-


View Of Houses In Delft, Known As 'the Little Street'. View Of Houses In Delft, Known As The Litt... Print by Jan Vermeer -1632-1675-

View of Houses in Delft, Known as 'The Little Street'. View of Houses in Delft, Known as The Litt...

Jan Vermeer -1632-1675-


Woman Peeling An Apple. Print by Cornelis Bisschop

Woman Peeling an Apple.

Cornelis Bisschop


Fete Champetre With Turkish Courtiers Under A Tent. Feestende Turkse Hovelingen Voor Een Tent. Da... Print by Jean Baptiste Vanmour

Fete champetre with Turkish Courtiers under a Tent. Feestende Turkse hovelingen voor een tent. Da...

Jean Baptiste Vanmour


The Fete Champetre. Print by Dirck Hals

The Fete champetre.

Dirck Hals


'the Puerta De Alcala As Seen From The Cibeles'. 1785. Oil On Canvas. Print by Gines Andres de Aguirre -1727-1800-

'The Puerta de Alcala as seen from the Cibeles'. 1785. Oil on canvas.

Gines Andres de Aguirre -1727-1800-


Entrance To Enoshima In Sagami Province -sagami Enoshima Iriguchi-, From The Series 'thirty-six V... Print by Utagawa Hiroshige

Entrance To Enoshima in Sagami Province -Sagami Enoshima iriguchi-, from the series 'Thirty-six V...

Utagawa Hiroshige


Claude Monet / 'rouen Cathedral, Bright Sun ', 1894, Oil On Canvas, 107 X 73 Cm. Print by Claude Monet -1840-1926-

Claude Monet / 'Rouen Cathedral, Bright Sun ', 1894, Oil on canvas, 107 x 73 cm.

Claude Monet -1840-1926-


Of One Heart. 'of One Heart'. Print by Cornelis Kruseman -1797-1857-

Of One Heart. 'Of one Heart'.

Cornelis Kruseman -1797-1857-


A Couple Making Love In A Park Spied On By Children. Liefkozend Paar In Een Park Door Kinderen Be... Print by Adriaen van der Werff

A Couple Making Love in a Park Spied on by Children. Liefkozend paar in een park door kinderen be...

Adriaen van der Werff


The Siege Of Rhenen. De Verovering Van Rhenen Door Jan Ii Van Kleef In 1499. Print by Master of Rhenen Master of the St Elizabeth Panels -rejected attribution-

The Siege of Rhenen. De verovering van Rhenen door Jan II van Kleef in 1499.

Master of Rhenen Master of the St Elizabeth Panels -rejected attribution-


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